Connie Millholland

991 Tyler Street Studio 216

Benicia, Calfornia

Artist Statement: Art with a Message

My art relays a message. Currently, I am creating figurative works that present groups of people passing on the streets sharing Moments in Time. In an anonymous setting thoughts derive out of the scene, but are immediately forgotten. Women Stories focuses on facial expressions of freedom or frustration over family or societal issues. The subjects are holding memories and stories that forever haunt them. Climate Change is another concern I have been interested in visually expressing. My creations have included paintings of birds as they are and as a reminder that wildlife is beautiful, yet its sustenance is very fragile.

My painting style strives to be expressive with loose brush strokes. I desire to keep a gestural quality with the figures and placing them in a semi-abstract background. Painting is a major priority for me. I constantly search to put examples of design, color, value patterns in my mind for my next painting. My art full fills me! It excites me! Creating consumes most of my time! I am still evolving!