Connie Millholland

991 Tyler Street Studio 216

Benicia, Calfornia

Made in Concord


My paintings are very bold and reflect the confidence gained from the journey traveled to get to this stage. I feel a sense of freedom which has derived from a very slow breaking away from representational form. I have often thought of how in life, as we mature, we gradually break away from being controlled, thus accessing the freedom that inspires creativity. When beginning a painting, I have an initial idea in mind and then the painting seems to evolve within itself. I work closely with the Principles of Art and Elements of Design to develop the composition. To achieve the results I want requires a considerable amount of time to manipulate these techniques. Each painting calls to me for perfection, and I work until I am satisfied.


Creating art in elementary and high schools brought me to love art. I was developing a strong interest in learning to draw and create designs. In college I was able to expand my skills with several art courses available. I became an art teacher and taught for 31 years. During this time I also developed into a professional artist. I spent several years evolving, developing my painting style and creating different genres. Semi-abstract art caught my interest. It gave me the freedom to altar realism but still relay form, action and message. Inspiration is at hand with visions of figures within Women’s Stories, animals endangered by environment, preserving antiquity in an uncommon image, or total abstraction that altars space into a spectrum of color harmony with contrast of values, shapes and textures. My thrust is to present my art uniquely and the challenge is to constantly evolve.