C O N N I E  M I L L H O L L A N D




Artist Statement


After 20 years of serious drawing, painting and taking instruction from renowned artists, I feel I have finally evolved to where I need to be. My work reflects images of realism, abstraction and subtle social statements that depict our environment and women’s issues.   I always concentrate on developing a unique look.  My semi-abstract art expresses my liberation to break the rules of art and, my evolution to this point has allowed me to develop a formula and process for creating it.


My paintings are very bold and reflect the confidence gained from the journey traveled to get to this stage.  I feel a sense of freedom which has derived from a very slow breaking away from representational form. I have often thought of how in life, as we mature, we gradually break away from being controlled thus accessing the freedom that inspires creativity.  When beginning a painting, I have an initial idea in mind and then the painting seems to evolve within itself.  I work closely with the Principles of Art and Elements of Design to develop the composition. To achieve the results I want requires a considerable amount of time to manipulate these techniques.   Each painting calls to me for perfection, and I work until I am satisfied.